Why United Streetcar Vehicles?

Our streetcars are nimble and effectively designed to integrate with an urban environment. The allure of a streetcar project is the approachable ease compared to larger projects. Our nimble and unobtrusive streetcar is meant for your city environment.

Benefits of United Streetcar

  • Intimate knowledge of the US market, including cultural needs and regulations
      • Our streetcars meet and exceed ADA, NFPA-130, and 49 CFR “Buy America” requirements
  • Only streetcar test track in the United States
  • Exceptional customer service, we can be at any client site in 24-hours or less
  • Quick to react to market and customer requests and proposals
  • Local and domestic supply chain for faster and trouble-free part sourcing
      • no long shipping times
      • no exchange rate issues
      • regular business hours all year long
      • cost-competitive
  • Door configuration that allows for faster boarding with 3 doors on each side of the vehicle
  • Lower gross vehicle weight, compared to shortened LRV
  • Greater hill grade climb ability
  • Better Crest and Sag performance
  • Wide aisles for passenger comfort
  • Tight turning radius