Made in USA Prototype

Oregon Iron Works, Inc. / United Streetcar

Made In USA – Prototype Modern Streetcar

CLACKAMAS, OR – (September 21, 2012) The first US made modern streetcar in over 59-years will go into passenger service this weekend, as part of the Portland Streetcar, Inc.’s Central Loop Grand Opening Celebration. The prototype car is renowned for being made in the USA, and for including a propulsion and control system designed and manufactured by Rockwell Automation, America’s largest company dedicated to automation solutions.

Oregon Iron Works, Inc. (OIW) entered the modern streetcar market in 2005, when they answered the need for American made modern streetcars here in Portland, Oregon. When OIW entered into modern streetcar manufacturing, their goal was to produce a car with the highest content of American made products as possible. OIW has worked hard to establish a supply chain of over 200 vendors in over 20 states across the nation, starting with this prototype modern streetcar. They strive every day to continue to grow this supply chain, which is creating and/or sustaining jobs right here in Oregon, and across the nation.

“This announcement was a long time coming.” stated Chandra Brown, President of United Streetcar, “I am thrilled with the work we have done to build a manufacturing industry and to create well-paying jobs here and across the nation. I am ecstatic that our car is finally in revenue service and the public can ride on it.”

“I am very proud of the individual and team efforts made by the employees of Oregon Iron Works, United Streetcar, and our suppliers in producing the first modern streetcar made in America,” said Corey Yraguen, President of Oregon Iron Works. “It takes a significant investment and a coordinated effort between so many parties to build the supply chain and infrastructure necessary to make this happen and we are thankful to the Federal Transit Administration for making jobs in America a priority.”

Oregon Iron Works, and their wholly owned subsidiary United Streetcar, will also be providing the City of Portland with six additional modern streetcars. These streetcars are in various stages of production, with the first production car expected to be delivered in 2012.

Oregon Iron Works/United Streetcar would like to acknowledge and thank their staff, vendors, and the community and government supporters for their tireless effort and all of the hard work they put in to ensure the successful delivery of the Prototype Streetcar. They also send thanks and appreciation to the City of Portland, Portland Streetcar, Inc., the State of Oregon, TriMet, Oregon Congressional and Senate delegation and the Federal Transit Administration, for a successful and historic accomplishment that shows how government and private sectors working together can create jobs and build new industries.

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