Oregon Iron Works, Inc. and United Streetcar Call on Congress to Support Infrastructure Investments

CLACKAMAS, OR (September 9, 2011) – In response to President Barack Obama’s national address on the American Jobs Act, Oregon Iron Works, Inc. and its subsidiary United Streetcar are calling on Congress to put aside ideological disagreements and instead, make American workers and American businesses the number one priority.

“As an American manufacturer that employs hundreds of skilled Oregonians, we support President Obama’s jobs plan, and agree that ultimately our great nation’s economic recovery must be driven by businesses and American workers,” stated Terry Aarnio, chairman of Oregon Iron Works, Inc. “President Obama’s leadership last night gave investors and businesses the confidence and certainty we all need to help lift our economy out of the recession. This leadership must be equally demonstrated by Congress.”

Oregon Iron Works, Inc. and United Streetcar believe that the American Jobs Act strikes the appropriate balance between immediate investments that create or save jobs now and tax and policy reforms that will help put the United States on a sustainable fiscal path in the future. Specifically, the company supports investments, under the President’s plan and the regular transportation and infrastructure bill, that will put people to work rebuilding America’s aging infrastructure and policies that ensure publicly funded projects are built with American hands.

“For decades we have built bridges and dams and know very well that greater investments are needed to ensure that our transportation and power grid infrastructure remain reliable for business and people,” stated Robert Beal, chief executive officer of Oregon Iron Works, Inc. “As an American small business never do we want the people of this great nation to forget how to do things with their hands or to see the ‘Made in the U.S.A.” become a thing of the past. This isn’t just about pride – it is a matter of economic security for our families and national security for our country.”

United Streetcar is known for having manufactured the first modern American-made streetcar in nearly 60 years. The company is a success story for how government and business can come together to create economic opportunity for citizens. This success is due in part to federal Buy America rules that support American businesses and their employees. These rules ensure that tax dollars are invested here in the United States – and not exported to foreign countries.

“Last night President Obama said he wanted to see more products stamped with ‘Made in America.’ We couldn’t agree more and invite other businesses to join the cause in rebuilding this country by building in America,” stated Chandra Brown, president of United Streetcar. “Whether a business takes the tradition of American ingenuity and makes something old new again like we did with streetcars or captures American innovation to build something never seen before, businesses and their employees can lead the way to a better, stronger future for our country under the President’s jobs plan and a timely reauthorization of the transportation and infrastructure bill.”


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