Oregon Iron Works, Inc./United Streetcar Host Obama Administration Officials, U.S. Manufacturing Council

Federal officials and U.S. Manufacturing Council move forward on recommendations to grow American manufacturing sector

CLACKAMAS, OR (July 22, 2011) – Inside United Streetcar’s assembly bay today, White House officials and representatives from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Labor, and Energy met with members of the U.S. Manufacturing Council to discuss government policies related to domestic manufacturing. At the meeting, progress was made on a number of recommendations aimed at helping existing American manufacturers grow their business and attracting new manufacturing investments to the United States.

Topics of discussion at the meeting included workforce development, clean energy, energy efficiency, energy regulation reform and international trade agreements.

The council, re-charted by U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke in 2010, includes private sector executives representing a variety of industries, including steel, textile, superconductor and solar panel manufacturers and whose products support a diverse range of industries such as the auto, aerospace, apparel and energy efficiency sectors.

“The work of the Manufacturing Council on issues such as workforce development and clean energy is critical to promoting economic growth,” Commerce Secretary Locke said. “I want to thank the Council for their support of the pending trade agreements, which will help us achieve the goals of the President’s National Export Initiative, lead to the export of billions of dollars worth of American goods and services and create good-paying American jobs.”

Oregon Iron Works vice president and United Streetcar president Chandra Brown is vice chair of the council.

“It is appropriate that we hold this meeting in the assembly bay where the first modern streetcar was built in nearly 60 years and I am honored to be representing our incredible employees who spend every day working hard to remain competitive in the global economy. Our heart is in our work not only for us as a company, but also for our families and for our country,” said Brown. “Each time we meet, we make progress toward a common agenda and a shared voice as we develop recommendations to help American manufacturers grow and create jobs.”

The council will conclude work on the recommendations soon and formally submit them to the Commerce Secretary. To follow, the council will continue to track progress on the recommendations. The recommendations and updates will be available on the council Web site.


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