Oregon’s Chandra Brown Appointed to Serve On U.S. Manufacturing Council

Released August 5th, 2010

WASHINGTON, DC – (August 5, 2010) The U.S. Manufacturing Council announced today that it has appointed Chandra Brown, Oregon Iron Works Vice President and United Streetcar President, to the Council. Brown traveled to Washington, DC to accept the post. The Manufacturing Council provides a forum to identify and recommend ways for the U.S. Government to respond to the challenges facing U.S. manufacturers and to help them increase their competitiveness both at home and abroad.

“A vibrant manufacturing sector isn’t just critical for the millions of Americans whose jobs depend on it,” Locke said. “Manufacturing is absolutely central to driving the innovation that fuels the American economy.”

The Council will be comprised of 24 leaders of the domestic manufacturing sector who represent a broad cross section of U.S. industry. The Secretaries of Labor, Energy and Treasury will serve as ex officio members. Originally established in April 2004, the Council was re-chartered on July 14, 2010.

“The Pacific Northwest has a flourishing manufacturing sector, and I am delighted to represent this through my appointment to the U.S. Manufacturing Council,” said Brown. “It is my hope that in working with Commerce Secretary Gary Lock and business leaders throughout the nation, together we will successfully attend to the needs of the manufacturing industry through the development of polices and programs, workforce training and job creation,”

“Chandra Brown is uniquely qualified to serve on the U.S. Manufacturing Council,” said Robert Beal, Oregon Iron Works CEO. “Her dynamic personality and manufacturing expertise will make a great addition to the Council.”

About Oregon Iron Works, Inc.

Oregon Iron Works, Inc. is a world-class complex metal fabricator and systems integrator, with diverse capabilities spanning various industries, including; marine, aerospace, hydroelectric, nuclear, bridge, commercial, and defense manufacturing. OIW has extensive experience in all levels of metal fabrication, from custom design and prototype development to large-scale production, outfitting, and testing. Founded in 1944 in Portland, OR, this innovative small business has been under the same management since 1974. It has nearly 400 employees and is now headquartered in Clackamas, OR., with additional manufacturing facilities in Vancouver, WA.

About United Streetcar, LLC

Founded in 2005, United Streetcar, LLC is a subsidiary of Oregon Iron Works, Inc. dedicated to providing modern streetcars throughout the United States.

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