Transportation Secretary LaHood Visits Portland

In July 2009, U.S. Secretary LaHood unveiled United Streetcar’s prototype vehicle – the first modern streetcar to be manufactured in America by an American company in nearly 60 years. Secretary LaHood returned to United Streetcar in March 2011 to view our latest investments as well as to talk about the importance of innovation and making investments in our nation’s transportation infrastructure.

Secretary LaHood said, “To win the future and ensure America remains economically competitive in a global economy, we must out-innovate and out-build the rest of the world. That means building a transportation network that moves people and goods more safely, quickly and efficiently than ever before. Here in Portland, Oregon, United Streetcar is already realizing that vision by manufacturing the first modern streetcars in the nation, and building them entirely with American parts, labor and ingenuity.”

United Streetcar couldn’t agree more and supports efforts in Congress to invest in our nation’s transportation system. The transportation bill is the best opportunity before Congress to partner with the private sector to grow the economy. With targeted investments, Congress can replicate what has happened at United Streetcar – create immediate jobs for Americans, build livable communities for families and offer economic development opportunities for businesses.

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