United Streetcar currently offers a conventional Overhead Contact System (OCS), with the option of an on-board energy storage system (OESS). We utilize a standardized carbody structure, and the majority of the major systems throughout the streetcar are standardized and have gone through design verification and testing.

Our streetcar vehicle is bi-directional, has a 70% low floor passenger area, and is designed for operating in a mixed traffic urban environment. The streetcars have passenger doors on both sides and are fully ADA-compliant. We have designed the streetcars to ensure that routine maintenance is easier and quicker, reducing overall repair costs.

Our streetcars currently have a 30-year service life expectancy. We are continually investigating ways to improve the service life of our cars and anticipate exceeding our current service life predictions.

Dimensions and Weight
Length of Vehicle 66 feet (20m)
Height (without Pantograph) 11.9 feet (3.4m)
Floor Height 1.15 feet above top of rail (350mm) – Low Floor Section
2.56 feet above top of rail (780mm) – End Train Section
Width 8 feet (2.46m)
Weight of Empty Car 70,989lbs +/-3% (32,200kg)
Max Weight 94,292lbs (42,770kg)

 Tucson and DC Streetcars

Maneuvering and Capacity
Percentage of Low Floor Area 70+%
Seating/Standing Total Seating – 29 passengers + driver
Max Standing – AW3: 127 Passengers
Total Seating & Standing: AW3: 157 passengers
Maximum Grade 9%
Minimum Turning Radii 53 feet – in Yard
59 feet – in Service
Minimum Vehicle Curve Radii 820 feet – Crest
820 feet – Sag
Speed – Maximum 44mph (70km/h)
Acceleration Rate 1.34m/s2 (4.4 ft/s2)
Deceleration Rate 1.34m/s2 (4.4 ft/s2) – Maximum Service Brake
2.25m/s2 (7.38ft/s2) – Emergency Brake

Tucson Streetcar

Technical Specifications
Car Bi-directional
3 articulated sections
Wheel Base 38.7 feet (11.8m)
Track Gauge Standard 4 feet 8 1/2 inches (1435mm)
Power Supply 750VDC (950VDC – Max & 500VDC – Min)
Low Voltage Power Supply 24VDC
Motors 4 x 90kW
Auxiliary Network Voltage 3 x 460V, 60Hz