United Streetcar to be Tucson, Arizona Streetcar Manufacturer

Released May 27, 2009

CLACKAMAS, OR Oregon Iron Works, Inc. (OIW)/United Streetcar, LLC is extremely pleased and honored to be chosen the streetcar manufacturer for the
City of Tucson’s Modern Streetcar Project. OIW will be manufacturing seven modern streetcar cars for the City of Tucson, with an option available for the City to purchase up to seven additional cars.

“We are thrilled to be the selected streetcar manufacturer after this extensive competitive bid process. We are grateful to the City of Tucson for their confidence, and excited to begin work immediately upon receiving the official contract,” said Chandra Brown, United Streetcar President. “It has been a pleasure working with the City of Tucson and all their contractors during this process, and we are proud to be part of their team as they launch an exciting new streetcar project for their city.”

OIW is the only modern streetcar manufacturer in the United States. Headquartered out of Clackamas, Oregon, and working with vendors across the U.S., the new streetcars will be in full compliance with the Buy-America Act.

OIW/United Streetcar just completed the first modern streetcar manufactured in the U.S. in over 58 years, which will be running on the streets of Portland, Oregon this summer and will be building six more cars for the City of Portland Eastside Loop streetcar project.

Creation of this new American industry was made possible because of the foresight of Congressman Peter DeFazio years ago when he secured federal support for a prototype Made-in-America streetcar, along with the support of the entire Oregon delegation and Congress. In addition, Congressman Earl Blumenauer has led the way for years in advancing opportunities for streetcar systems to return to American cities – and without his early leadership, modern streetcars systems such as Tucson’s would not be developing in cities across the U.S.

OIW/United Streetcar’s work on the first streetcar has already created over 20 jobs; and many more jobs will be created with the 13 additional cars for Portland and Tucson. In addition, subcontractors in over 20 States are employing people to work in this new green manufacturing sector. Without the federal investment made in the prototype car, in all likelihood tens of millions of dollars for streetcars would have all been sent overseas.

About Oregon Iron Works, Inc.

Oregon Iron Works, Inc. is a world-class complex metal fabricator and systems integrator, with diverse capabilities spanning various industries, including; marine, aerospace, hydroelectric, nuclear, bridge, commercial, and defense manufacturing. OIW has extensive experience in all levels of metal fabrication, from custom design and prototype development to large-scale production, outfitting, and testing. Founded in 1944 in Portland, OR, this innovative small business has been under the same management since 1974. It has nearly 400 employees and is now headquartered in Clackamas, OR., with additional manufacturing facilities in Vancouver, WA. More information is available at oregoniron.com

About United Streetcar, LLC

Founded in 2005, United Streetcar, LLC is a subsidiary of Oregon Iron Works, Inc. dedicated to providing modern streetcars throughout the United States. More information is available at unitedstreetcar.com

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