United Streetcar 200

United Streetcar has added a new vehicle model to the United Streetcar family. The United Streetcar 200 is based on the successful United Streetcar 100 model, but is designed specifically for cities with a hot climate, i.e. Arizona, Florida, California and Texas. The new model offers an increased cooling capacity, improved air distribution and a new and more efficient HVAC system.

United Streetcar Model 200 Spec Drawing (Click to enlarge the drawing)
Technical Specifications
Track gauge1,435 mm (standard) (4.7 ft)
Floor height (end)780 mm (2.56 ft) above top of rail
Floor height (mid)350 mm (1.15 ft) above TOR
Power supply750 V DC (925 V DC max, 525 V DC min)
Auxiliary network voltage3 X 460 V, 60 Hz
Low voltage power supply24 V DC
Motors4 X 90 kW
Maximum speed70 km/h (44 mi/h)
Total seating capacity29 passengers + driver
Maximum standing (AW3)127 passengers
Total seating/standing (AW3)157 passengers
Vehicle length20,130 mm (66 ft)
Vehicle width2,460 mm (8 ft)
Max height (w/o pantograph)3635.5mm (11.9 ft)
Wheel diameter (new / worn)610 / 530 mm
Wheelbase11,800 mm (38.7 ft)
Weight of car empty29,700 kg +/- 3% (65,340 Lbs)
Max weight (with 170 passengers)40,690 kg (89,518 Lbs)